Dennis Müller, October 1987

Dennis, a self taught photographer born and living in the most southern part of the Netherlands close to the German and Belgian border, started taking pictures at the age of seventeen mainly focused on aviation as an planespotter. Soon Dennis searched for a different type of photography showing a more creative side of the world with iron birds.

In the years that passed Dennis became interested in more than just planes and started to find out other fields and saw this as a new challenge.  In (high speed) cars he found this new challenge. The speed, something he was familiar with from the airshows he visited in the past, is one of the main parts that attracted Dennis but not only moving cars are part of his interests. Finding small details and play with the focus point and depth of field on these cars seemed to enjoy him more often.

Dennis got invited as 'Young Creative Talant' to join and share some of his work with the Amercian stock agancy Getty Images Inc. in 2015.

Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.

Elliott Erwitt

Publications / Clients

Smithsonian, US
Take-off, RU
Airliners, US
BizJet Advisor, CN
Elementbuch Verlag, DE

Asphalt Institute, US
Herpa Miniaturmodellen Gmhb, DE
Colibir Aviation, UK
Jet collection, US
Falko Regional Aircraft Limited, UK

Sirkorsky Aircraft, US
Aviator Watches, RU
Lanifico Fratelli Cerruti, IT

Doric GmbH, DE

Caters News Agency, UK
Getty Images, US